A Trust Point-based Security Architecture for Sensor Data in the Cloud


The SensorCloud project aims at enabling the use of elastic, on-demand resources of today’s Cloud offers for the storage and processing of sensed information about the physical world. Recent privacy concerns regarding the Cloud computing paradigm, however, constitute an adoption barrier that must be overcome to leverage the full potential of the envisioned scenario. To this end, a key goal of the SensorCloud project is to develop a security architecture that offers full access control to the data owner when outsourcing her sensed information to the Cloud. The central idea of this security architecture is the introduction of the trust point, a security-enhanced gateway at the border of the information sensing network. Based on a security analysis of the SensorCloud scenario, this chapter presents the design and implementation of the main components of our proposed security architecture. Our evaluation results confirm the feasibility of our proposed architecture with respect to the elastic, on-demand resources of today’s commodity Cloud offers.

Trusted Cloud Computing
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